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North Richland Hills Excavation

North Richland Hills, Texas Excavation

North Richland Hills Excavation provides services for a broad range of clients, including land owners, development companies, municipalities and waste management companies. Excavation is an essential part of any construction project, including all residential construction and commercial construction projects. Rock Hammer projects, revolving around removing rock from sites, compacting and grading, done to affect the shape and slope of property, and lifting and moving jobs are all covered by our excavation company. North Richland Hills Excavation also has a trained team of excavators that take care of demolition, tree clearing, storm damage, fire hydrant removal, and pressure valve removal. As the cream-of-the-crop excavation contractors in NRH, TX, we take pride in serving our local community. Let us serve you as the de-facto "excavation company near me" to ensure that your construction excavation needs are met thoroughly. Also serving as an underground utility contractor, we specialize our services further with new and existing underground utility construction. Whether its gate valves, sanitary sewers, or storm drainage, we ensure that any residential, commercial, or industrial excavation project in North Richland Hills is done efficiently and effectively.

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We are demolition contractors equipped with the proper demolition tools to complete any industrial, commercial, or residential demolition job. We use state of the art equipment, such as hydraulic excavators to allow our demolition services to be completed in a clean, safe manner. We demolish residential projects that clear up space for your next property development! We ensure that we handle the lot grading, complete mess clean-up, and promote a safe structure demolition service. 

Tree Removal

Our expert tree removal service clears out unwanted trees on your property. North Richland Hills Excavation contractors handles all dead trees, damaged trees, sick or diseased trees, and dangerous trees that are imposing on your property. We provide tree clearing service to commercial land developers, businesses, schools, and churches! No tree clearing job is too big for us! If you need tree removal services in North Richland Hills, our excavation team will quickly and effectively remove all trees for you or your property. Tree removal is often necessary after storm damage, power line infiltration, or even if the tree roots are under foundation. If you are looking for a "tree removal company near me," NRH Excavation handles it all.

Storm Damage Clean-Up

You can never tell when Mother Nature will bring about storm damage to your property. Whenever a storm wreaks havoc in your neighborhood, trees, homes, and properties all can be damaged. We provide storm damage repair, storm damage excavation, and storm damage clean-up to alleviate storm troubles. We are in the business of providing excavating services, storm damage removal, debris removal, and grading contractor services. NRH Excavation makes it easy to restore your property damage to how it was before the storm or natural disaster - a service we all never think about until we need it. If you need a local excavator in North Richland Hills, Texas to support your storm damage needs, our team has your back!

Pool Removal

Inground swimming pool removal is the right service for those who's pool maintenance costs exceed their enjoyment of their property pool. Pool removal and pool demolition services start with draining the pool of any water remaining. Once the water is fully removed, the pool concrete is removed along with all pool gutters, filters, and structures built with it. We then backfill that space with material that is compacted and leveled to leave your ground firm. For complete pool demolition and removal, as the "pool removal near me" contractors, we recommend that the lining, siding, and floor is broken up into pieces that will eventually be cleaned to a landfill. Pool excavation services are insured fully by us, as we handle the pool removal and pool excavation services end-to-end.

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Excavation Contractors Near Me

Looking for "excavation contractors near me?" Look no further than our excavation services! We take pride in serving North Texas as the local demolition contractors that live, breathe, and reside in your community. We provide the residential excavation services and commercial excavation services that you need.

It's important to have the right excavation tools, ranging from a mini excavator to proper demolition tools such as a hydraulic excavator. There are different types of excavation projects: there are rock hammers, used to remove rock from a site, often a lengthy project. There is compacting and grading, usually done to impact the size, shape, and slope of property, or to increase the density of the soil. Lifting and moving projects could use anything from a crawler loader to an entire excavator machine!

Why is excavation done for foundation?

Excavation is a necessary heavy duty task implemented to remove the earth from the allotted area. This makes room for the foundation to be laid, which completes the first step of the foundation excavation process. Depending on the density and coarseness of the soil, concrete, or sand being excavated, reinforcing tools may be used to further provide safety in the excavation contracting job.

Why is excavation needed before paving?

Paving lots for driveways, walkways, or parking lots includes excavating three to four inches below the desired pavement surface. As paving contractors, North Richland Hills Excavation handles this digging to accommodate any paving contractor. We want to install the best base for pavers. Before excavating, we use spray paint to mark the areas that need to be dug. We give paving contractors the foundation to lay stones that create the strong, durable external flooring that support installations such as walkways, driveways, decks, and patios. Paver base thickness must be excavated properly to ensure that your project is successful.

Water Systems and Sewer Excavation

Water Service Excavation includes fire hydrant removal, pressure valve removal, and pipe removal under your foundation or throughout your business! Septic systems and sewer excavating services are overwhelming projects - let us take over the process, end-to-end! Our team is fully capable of handling your sewer excavation and septic system excavation needs. Whether you want to excavate for pipe installation or pipe removal, we are able to handle your water service needs. Drain field systems in North Richland Hills, Texas can also be installed!

Ready to get digging? NRH Excavation serves as the proud "excavation company near me" service providers for all residential, commercial, and industrial excavation projects. We serve NRH and surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs with integrity, compassion, and efficiency. 

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